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The T 5 powered by TerraModena
will participate to the Solar&New Energy Challenge at Monaco
from Thursday 12th to Saturday 14th July 2018




13/3/17 – Dario Calzavara receiving the UIM Award from Mr. Raffaele Chiulli UIM President for the ‘most powerful electric system for powerboats’ the last March 16th 2017
26/6/17 – Assembly of the electric motor
7/3/2018 – The T 5 technical group at the Yacht Club of Monaco the last March 7th 2018, from left to right: Dario Calzavara-TerraModena, Jean Pierre Gosswiller – Project leader, Gilles Vaton – Vaton Design and Paul Bezzi-France Helices. Absent mr. Francesco Campana from Magic Yacht
15/3/2018 – from left Paul Bezzi, Dario Calzavara and Gilles Vaton discussing the results of the mathematical predictive simulation after the hulls and propulsions new specifications
21/6/2018 – The hull of the T 5 leaving the Magic Yacht factory at Bizerte-Tunisia
4/7/2018 – start of thel final assembly at Cannes


Terra Modena Mechatronic designs, develops, tests and produces high performance & high power Electric Integrated Propulsion System [TM EIPS] mainly for nautical and car applications and submerged electric systems [TM POD] for sailboats and foilers.

TM EIPS and TM POD features and components:

  • High tech “pouch” batteries from 1Tier manufacturers
  • 42kWh battery pack to be coupled in single or multiple modules (for TM POD from 8 to 21 kWh)
  • Liquid cooling motor low revs from 130kW to 200kW (TM POD from 40 to 140kW) and more to installed in single or twin mode with direct axles connections without the need of any redactor
  • Liquid cooling inverters
  • Battery management system with Bosh CAN 2.0 interface
  • Safety sensors cutting automatically the energy supply in case of roll over, electrical dispersion in case of excessive humidity
  • Electronics
  • Energy gauging calculating SOC (State of Charge) and SOH (State of Health)
  • Protection of cells and battery subsystem
  • Safety of the vehicle system (related to the battery functions) monitoring of cells voltages, cell
    temperatures,  battery current
  • Safety sensors
  • Dashboard with Bosh Can Bus 2.0 interface
  • Cell balancing
  • Charge and discharge control
  • Interface to the vehicle and charge
  • Data logging
  • Military cable and connectors
  • Hybrid propulsion and range extender in bi-modal application (on demand)
  • Battery cycle: 3000 cycles.

TM EIPS is a key-in-a-hand unit to be installed in a car or boat.

We develop on demand any kind of TM EIPS and TM POD according to the client’s demand.

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Email: info@terramodena.eu






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