Terra Modena Mechatronic - SSS


designs and produces high performance Electric Integrated Propulsion Systems [TM EIPS] for nautical applications.



TM EIPS uses the latest generation of axial flux electric motors and radial synchronous technology from 150 kWh up to 400kWh.

TM EIPS is a modular energy system for ‘zero emissions’ nautical mobility. The main components are:

  • Motor(s) at 700V
  • Inverter(s)
  • Inboard chargers for each battery pack
  • Battery pack(s)
    • Each battery pack from 42, 53 and 66kWh can be coupled in multiple modules
    • BMS with Bosh CAN Bus 2.0 interface
    • Electronics
    • Energy gauging calculating SOC (State of Charge) and SOH (State of Health)
    • Protection of cells and battery subsystem
    • Cell balancing
    • Charge and discharge control
    • Safety of the boat system (related to the battery functions) monitoring of cells voltages, cell temperatures, battery current
    • Safety sensors
    • Interface to the boat and inboard charge system
    • Dashboard with Bosh CAN bus interface 2.0 showing all the functions of the BMS and those of propulsion and navigation
    • Military cable and connectors rated
    • Data Logging

A TM EIPS boat 100% carbon fiber hull, 9.5mt with 2.5mt beam will participate at the next Monaco Solar&New Energy Challenge organized from the Yacht Club of Monaco from the next July 3rd to the 6th.

TERRA MODENA MECHATRONIC is developing with European partners, an innovative electric and hydrogen hybrid system [TM E2HS] that will guarantee extraordinary autonomy at ‘zero emissions’ for any kind of vessels.

TM E2HS will be presented at the DUBAI EXPO 2020.

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