The Terra Modena formula SuperGreen 1 has a Power Unit of 100kW, a sequential 6 gears paddle shift and an exclusive system for the battery cage quick change. Terra Modena formula SuperGreen 1 is a racing car very simple, with outstanding performances and low technical and operative costs.

The Power Unit thanks to the few rotating components, has a life at least 50 times more than a piston engine with similar power output. The batteries has more than 1500 operating cycles enough for four years of racing. In fact the costs are reduced to only tyres as even the brakes consumption is reduced thanks to the engine self braking capability.

In Europe a 25’ race needs 6 € of energy (in Us much less!) against of 65 € of a F. 3. Not mentioning that a F.3 does have other expensive operative costs that the Terra Modena formula SuperGreen 1 does not have.

    • Syncrhonous three phases power unit 100KW=136HP


    • Max torque 240 Nm from 0 to 6000’


    • High efficiency digital three phase inverter liquid cooled


    • Battery cage removable in 15’ protected and connected to the chassis
      • Lithio polimer batteries
      • Forced air thermoregulated cooling
      • Themperature sensors for each of the 16 cells
      • 22 kWh for 1500 rechargeables cycles


    • Carbon fibre monoshell frame FIA homologated according to FIA art. 275 e art. 277 F.3 annex J
      • Collapsible steering column
      • FIA homologated anti fire system
      • Weight 580 Kg with driver and batteries, 320 Kg without
      • Tyres 215/580-15” Michelin slick front and rear


    • 6 gears with paddle shift with interchangearles ratios


  • Battery Management System controlling each of the 16 cells