Terra Modena 198

Created to provide a superior driving pleasure.

A mark of uncompromising engineering all over during the years.

  • The 2018 evolution is under development. Full electric 21 Kw… wait and see!
  • 2004 model year: gasoline monocylinder formula 1 engine still unbeaten

A high-tech single cylinder bike that is beautifully designed, powerful and suitable for both the road and the track.
Its energy is immediate expressed in the dynamic interplay of lines.
The heart of Terra Modena 198 is a single cylinder engine that is light, powerful and runs smoothly. Every input is eagerly met with a precise and emphatic response.
It is easy and fun when just taking a ride, but with more than enough to satisfy those who believe that are the bends that make riding a unique art.
Technology and style are born from an unique Italian motor industry tradition: the shape of the 198 forms a single clean line, from its front nose to its slim tail-end
The 450cc single-cylinder off-roader is named the 198 due to the single cylinder and the 98 bore. The high-tech motor also features a countershaft to halt vibrations, two overhead camshafts and four titanium valves, with a Nikasil-coated cylinder barrel and carbon-treated gudgeon pin.
It has six gears, and an electric starter in addition to a kick-start. The engine block, cylinder and head are all sand-cast aluminium. The chassis is also aluminium, as is the fuel tank.
The dash, meanwhile, is a race-spec AIM digital panel, while suspension is provided by 46mm Ohlins upside-down forks with an Ohlins rear mono-suspension. Stopping is via a 320mm radially-mounted Brembo front dis and a 220mm rear brake disc. Wheels are by Marchesini, with a 3.5″ on the front and a 5.5″ on the back, while the twin exhausts are specific to the Terra Modena.
“No paint is used because it’s not needed, and no plastic is used because it’s ugly. Optional equipment is not available because its standard equipment is already all that can currently be desired in a motorbike.”




Measurements and weight:
length 2150 mm, width 830 mm, height 1185 mm (without mirrors), axle base 1448 mm, saddle height 890 mm, height from ground 260 mm, steering angle 26°, weight 120 Kg
Brembo front 320 mm floating disk and caliper radial mounted with 4 pistons, rear 220mm fixed disc and floating caliper with 1 piston
Dunlop Sportmax D 270 front 120/70 ZR 17, rear 180/55ZR 17 (Pirelli Diablo as option)
Marchesini in cast aluminium, front 3.5”x1 7”, rear 5.5”x 17”
Front Suspension System:
upside down 46 mm Ohlins full adjustable compression valve in extension, compression pre – stressing. Triple boccole system to ensure smooth suspension travel especially for landing and heavy loads for both dirt and tarmac racing
Rear Suspension System:
Ohlins 46 mm piggyback single shock absorber fitted with inert gas cartridge and separator piston.
Engine 4-stroke single cylinder, liquid cooled
Bore and stroke 98 x 59,6 , 449,6 cc
Compression ratio: 12:1 Max rev’s: 9000′ (restricted)
Twin overhead camshaft with 4 titanium valves
Primary distribution fitted with sprocket gears
Separate lubrication system with two pressure pumps and one scavenge pump
Sand casted aluminium engine block
Magnesium head and cluth covers
Liquid cooled
Steel crankshaft
Steel rod and pin with carbon treatment
Rolling bearing
Sand casted aluminium cylinder with integrated slip with nikasil treatment
Sand casted aluminium cylinder head
Double overhead cams with 4 direct titanium valves
Double internal and external valve springs
Throttle body with a single injection butterfly valve
Electronic Engine Management system with digital injection and ignition system
Electric and kick starter with decompresser
The frame is characterized by an aluminium alloy Alsi 9 double bean main frame with a twin under mount.
The lower part of the twin under mount is easily removable to facilitate engine removal.
The double bean main frame is constructed from two parallel tubes whose elliptical shape ensures maximum response, handling precision and rigidity.
The aluminium or titanium sub-frame houses the exhaust system and the catalytic converter
Fuel system: tank capacity 8,5 lt
Ignition: digital electronic
Clutch: wet, idraulic operated
Gear Box: 6 gears with desmo shift drumwith quick release cassette.
Hydraulic devices and an electronic system can be installed in order to oufit street and racing models with an automatic or semi-automatic transmission
Drive: by chain
Exhaust system: approved for street use under the requirements outline by European std Chap 5 97/24/EC (Euro 3) for emissions and Chap 9 of the same for noise