Terra Modena Mechatronic (TerraModena) is an engineering and electronics Research and Development laboratory specialized in the design and production of EIPS [Electric Integrated Propulsion System] for high power electric boats.
The company was founded on February 2015. Based on Dario Calzavara’s and Iteas’ srl previous experiences, TerraModena have a long tradition in the automotive sector, but since 2016 the focus has been on high performance Zero Emission electric boating. TerraModena's expertise is as well on the on-demand design of hybrid systems: in this case, the endothermic engines are indipendentl integrated with axial flux electric motors, powered by the latest generation Lithium - Ion batteries. It is important that the transmission must be expressly conceived for electric propulsion: the preliminary technical action plan includes the use of predictive simulation models in which the characteristic data of the hull, the power and the torque at the propeller, are defined according to the speed and autonomy required for the boat.


Together with a Group of international Researchers we are developing a green nuclear fusion energy for large vessels, shuttles and sport boats. It does not emit radioactive waste and does not use toxic materials at any stage of the production process. The new technology will make a great contribution to the preservation of the seas by providing a source of energy, clean, abundant, sustainable, at low cost and safe for all. More to come in the coming months.


We do not have a range of standardized products but we work on Customers’ on demand projects.
In case of an hybrid propulsion we also supply all the mechanical connections and operational interfaces between the internal combustion engine and electrical machines.

Our experience has taught us that the use of predictive simulation models is also fundamental to define the energy balance outgoing (mobility and "hotel") and incoming (energy sources from lithium batteries, wind power and photovoltaic panels).

-The software is designed and developed in house, so we are responsible for the correct operation of the electronics.
-The hardware components are designed by TerraModena according to the requests, but manufactured by high tech suppliers
-We use hardware, electrical and mechanical components of the highest quality standard.


→ Electric motors: axial flux motors technology, with peak powers from 50 to 400 kW which can be coupled in series;
→ Programmable power electronics;
→ The inverter(s) is (are) designed and calibrated according to the motor(s) demand;

→ Electronic safety systems;
→ Military or Motorsport specific wiring and connectors;
→ Vehicle Control Unit, equipped with CAN communication, analog and digital inputs & outputs;
→ Handcuffs and power delivery system;
→ Dashboard with configurable screens to display all useful information during navigation.
→ Charging system;
→ Portal with an alert system via 4G SIM card that will allow the Customer to monitor 'remotely' the operating parameters of the boat while in navigation.