May 6th, 2019

Turin, 6TH May, 2020 – ICONA DESIGN GROUP enters the yacht design sector with a futuristic boat concept based on one full electric powertrain. The new catamaran designed by ICONA is called “Fibonacci” and promises a completely new experience on the water. The ICONA Nucleus concept vehicle showed a new approach to road mobility and the Fibonacci translates the Nucleus philosophy into water mobility. Statement by Dr. Teresio Gaudio, ICONA’s President and CEO Teresio Gigi Gaudio, ICONA Chairman and CEO, says: “ICONA has gained a reputation as a visionary in the area of new mobility, from autonomous vehicles to delivery robots. Now that “mobility on the ground” has become a reference for the market, it is time to explore new “mobility on water”, by launching a new field of activity for the ICONA group and celebrating our first decade in 2020.” Statement by Samuel Chuffart, VP and Global Design Director of ICONA “After designing the multiple award-winning Nucleus autonomous driving vehicle, we wanted to apply once again a futuristic vision of transport but this time on water. This is an evolution which remains a silent and elegant speed form – sustainable, non-aggressive and inviting, for both pilot and occupants. Tomorrow’s boating experience will no longer be for a few aficionados: with the technological evolution and sustainability now offered, boats should be designed differently to embrace a wider spectrum of people and use.” ICONA has chosen to demonstrate these new technologies through a disruptive design and a project developed with partners Hydrotec, Terra Modena Mechatronic, ASG Power and StudioRPR. Fibonacci: a new approach to space exploitation The ‘Fibonacci’ is the result of a sculptural design approach combined with unique storytelling. Division of space in boat design usually centers around finding creative solutions to practical problems. The ICONA design team’s approach shifted the paradigm, instead finding practical solutions within the spaces created by an asymmetric architecture together with a flow through inside-outside usage of the space. The use of asymmetry gives a sense of movement to the yacht even when it is stationary. It certainly looks very “haute couture” as a result. The philosophy of the ‘Fibonacci’ is that of a symphony at sea, its design reflecting the elegant metaphor of a grand piano. Inspired by Fibonacci’s discovery of the numbers of nature, the ‘Fibonacci’ combines a sculptural movement with a logical division of space between the main deck and hulls. The sweeping parabolic wooden deck creates a pass-through offering ocean views from front to back and displaying a sense of occasion created by the ornamental stairs. This yacht is designed to immerse travelers in a musical setting while sailing on the silent ocean. It offers a luxurious cocktail lounge perfect for hosting guests and parties. Such a simple and practical architecture not only fits the bill for a cruising vacation but would also offer the perfect scenery to gather music afficionados together for a chamber music concert on the sea… About ICONA Founded in 2010, ICONA has its roots in Turin, Italy, where many world-renowned automotive facilities are concentrated. Turin-based industry leaders Tecnocad Progetti and Cecomp are shareholders of the company together with President and CEO Teresio Gigi Gaudio, and provide a solid base for the development of customer projects, from management to styling, from engineering to prototyping and production. The ICONA group has over 120 designers, pattern makers, engineers and project managers from 21 different countries, with offices in Shanghai and Los Angeles in addition to their Turin headquarters. In 2019, ICONA revenues exceeded € 16 million. Since the presentation of their concept vehicle Nucleus in Geneva auto show 2018, ICONA has collected five prestigious awards: the German Design Award (Germany), the Muse Award and the Good Design Award (USA), the Golden Panda for Innovation (China) and the Capital Elite Award (Italy). With this debut, ICONA officially enters the yachting design sector. Technology Both boats take advantage of electric powered cruising with a Hydrogen range extender (like the ICONA Nucleus concept vehicle). The drive by wire technology together with mouse pad control provides ease of maneuverability, ensuring this is no longer the domain of the boat specialist. 360-degree camera vision and sensors are also included, ensuring no errors in docking. Modern GPS and satellite vision complete the offer for a boat technology that invites a new type of adventurer. The mission profile of this solution is a day or weekend cruise: a 24 hours cycle, 12 hours at sea (50 kw propulsion – 10 kw hotel) and 12 hours on anchor (10 kw hotel). With a length overall of 16,60 meters a beam o.a. of 8,20 and a weight of 32 tons, the boat can reach a top speed of 15 knots. Two battery packs of 340 kWh provide energy to two high performance electric motors of 200kW peak power. The same battery packs will provide as well an all-comfort but efficient hotel set. The particular lithium batteries provided by ASG Power have a life of 14,000 cycles and can be recharged from 0 to 100% in just 20’ thanks to their high capacity and a specific high power recharging system (Charging Rate 3C). This powerplant, which includes high efficient propellers and rudders, guarantees a range of 150 miles at a cruising speed of 10 knots. The Electronic Vehicle Control UNIT (VCU), designed by Terra Modena acts as a controller of all the propulsion system (Motor, Inverter, batteries and torque/speed demand) and supply all the necessary data needed for telemetry, for navigating and to grant all the necessary safety. The VCU will grant as well the integration with the hydrogen power range extender (fuel cells). A CANbus allows easy interconnection of controllers and all devices such as displays and power and management controls. Recharging of the batteries for hotel applications will also be possible through solar panels, wind and wave generators. A plug-in hydrogen based range extender is of course possible on this structure. While reducing storage and cabin volumes, some space in the hulls can be dedicated to PEFC, Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell, liquid hydrogen storage tanks and electrolysers. However, ICONA and its partners are working on much simpler and efficient solutions to increase the energy availability longer autonomy. Terra Modena in particular is developing a system that should outperform the traditional hydrogen chain.

Partners To develop this concept, ICONA has partnered with some of the most innovative and high-ranked companies in each field. The project team is therefore composed as follows:

ICONA DESIGN GROUP (Italy): concept, exterior and interior design

Hydrotec (Italy) : boat architecture

Terra Modena (Italy) : electric motors, inverter, system integration

ASG Power (Switzerland) : battery packs, recharging infrastructure

StudioRPR (Italy) : project coordination, marketing

HydroTec HydroTec was founded in 1995 by naval architect and marine engineer Sergio Cutolo after his vibrant career with some of the leading shipyards of the world. Born as an engineering company, in the early 2000’s HydroTec made a natural move into design with instant success which has been acknowledged by its peers and rewarded with multiple awards. HydroTec is today one of the few companies in the world to provide an holistic design package. This diverse approach offers great advantages for private clients and shipyards.

ASG Power ASG POWER SA is located in Lugano, TICINO, Switzerland. The company was founded in 1996 by engineer Agim Gjinali as an engineering boutique active in the development, design, preparation and subsequent construction and management of LNG (liquefied natural gas) regasification plants, power plants, power lines and pipelines for the transport of gas, as well as the marketing of gas and electricity. The mission of ASG Power is the preservation of oxygen and the production of oxygen volumes itself thanks to the aid of special stations. For this reason ASG Power plans to apply its inventions to public transport, large corporate fleets, airports and ports, creating a series of high speed recharging stations for high performance batteries equipped vehicles and boats.

StudioRPR Founded in 2014 by Raffaello Porro, StudioRPR leads projects of business development, marketing and communication. StudioRPR provides consulting, project management and services to cover the whole value chain from the initial concept to the identifications of the partners, from product definition to the marketing plan, PR and medial relations. The main covered areas are new mobility, green energy, design, automotive, yachting, biotech and aerospace. The strength and flexibility of StudioRPR resides in a solid and wide network of international partners, suppliers and experts for each specific activity. StudioRPR always maintains general coordination to ensure the execution of complete and integrated projects.