→May 2020. An international client asked us to develop an extraordinary project: to design an hybrid system for a very high performance motorboat. The challenge is to combine indipendenlty the two 1550 hp Mercury engines with two electric motors with electronic clutches. The boat will be presented at the Cannes Boat Show on September 2021.
→February 2020. We are amongst the partners of ICONA that has presented a high tech futuristic 100% electric catamaran during the virtual press conference held last May 7th. We were commissioned to design the power Unit for their innovative catamaran Fibonacci.
→July 2019. The contract with the Yacht Club of Monaco to supply the propulsion 100% hybrid hydrogen/electric for the YCM navette “Comitè” was announced. The catamaran will be ready on April 2022 and will be fitted with two axial flux Evo6 TerraModena motors. Energy source to be decided.
→July 2019. The Anvera ELAB 100% carbon hull won the speed race of the Monaco Solar & Energi Challenge with 74.4km/h. The new radial technology propulsion based on the TerraModena SG1 was developed by TecnoElectra Impianti (since 2020 the TerraModena technology is only with axial flux technology)
The T5 monohull fiberglass boat was the prototype used for the testing and development of the TerraModena Evo3 with axial flux technology propulsion
→March 2017. TerraModena won the UIM Environmental Award for “Full Electric engine for powerboat racing” The H2O organization and the Bund Group made available a racing catamaran for the tests of the axial flux technology Evo2 propulsion.
→May 2017. In collaboration with the late great designer and offshore champion Tullio Abbate, numerous tests were carry out on Lake of Como. The data obtained were at the origin of the subsequent developments of the TerraModena propulsion for boats.
SG1racing single seater car was the project that allowed TerraModena to validate the development team and to equip itself with the technologies that will subsequently be used for nautical project.
Dario Calzavara founded Terra Modena Mechatronic on February 2015