We got the contract with the Yacht Club of Monaco to supply the propulsion 100% hybrid-electric for the YCM navette “Comitè”. The catamaran will be ready on April 2020 and will be fitted with axial flux Evo6 propulsion

The Anvera ELAB 100% carbon hull won the speed race of the Monaco Solar & Energi Challenge with 74.4km/h. The new radial technology propulsion based on the TerraModena SG1 was developed by Tecno Electra Impianti and TerraModena


The T5 monohull fiberglass boat was the prototype used for the testing and development of the TerraModena Evo3 with axial flux technology propulsion


TerraModena won the UIM Environmental Award for “Full Electric engine for powerboat racing”

The H2O organization and the Bund Group made available a racing catamaran for the tests of the axial flux technology Evo2 propulsion


SG1 was the project that allowed TerraModena to validate development team and to equip itself with the technologies that will subsequently be used for nautical project

Dario Calzavara founded Terra Modena Mechatronic srl