Our Products

TM EIPS stands for Electric Integrated Propulsion System.


Battery packs from 42 to 60 kWh to be installed in a single or more modules. Customized dimensions on demand.​

Axial Flux motors from 130 kW to 230 kW peak power in a single or dual motors unit​

The TM EIPS main components:​

  • Prismatic or cylinders Lithium cells batteries, 700 or 400 V​
  • Metal or composite fibre battery pack​
  • Motor(s) from 130 kW to 230 kW​
  • Inverters​
  • Liquid cooling systems for motors and inverters​
  • Battery Management System​
  • Power Electronic and driving systems​
  • Battery Management System​
  • Dashboard and cockpit controllers​
  • Formula 1 & military spec cables and connectors​
  • WiFi remote control of the propulsion system, while in use​
  • Standard or surface propellers trasmission systems​
  • Certifications IP 67, ECE 100
  • All the components are assembled key in a hand, easy to install and in a plug & play compact Module Unit
  • Technical collaboration and co-design with shipyards for the best fitment in the hull, are​ part of our  services offered